Convert between different units of measurement [for example, kilometre to metre;


A detailed and engaging PowerPoint, Differentiated (SEN, LA, MA, HA, Mastery and Greater Depth) Worksheet with Answer Sheet for a complete lesson on this Year 4 measurement statement: Convert between different units of measurement [for example, kilometre to metre; hour to minute]

  • Curriculum Links

    The PowerPoint has the following features:


    → Differentiated starter activity (plus extension)
    → Extremely logical and simplistic explanations with animated examples and pictures to aid learning
    → Learning Objective & differentiated success criteria which is clearly visible for all children
    → Animated count-down timer so children know how long they have left of the lesson (this is also good for teachers as it reminds you when to do mini-plenaries/feedback/etc).


    The Word Document has the following features:


    → Differentiated activities from SEN to greater depth
    → Coloured activity boxes to help you quickly assign tasks to children
    → Learning objective and short date which automatically show the correct date
    → Differentiated success criteria that link with the PowerPoint
    → Answer sheet included for all questions

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    We have worked hard to analyse the content domains and the percentage coverage of these in end of year assessment papers from a range of assessment companies and has tailored the questions for this NC Statement to reflect those percentages children will face in assessment papers giving them the opportunity to practise answering questions of a similar nature.

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