A poem about a dormant volcano suddenly and furiously bursting into life using descriptive language and many questions regarding authorial technique.

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    This document has the following features:

    → An individually, purpose wrote text, specifically tailored for years 3 & 4

    → Frequent use of exception words from the National Curriculum years 3 & 4

    → A range of questions specifically taken from across the content domains

    → An appropriate range of questions designed to test children's knowledge of retrieval, inference and comparison in line with the National Curriculum requirements

    → Promotes the use of dictionaries to identify meanings of words

    → Requires children to use evidence and quotes from the text to back up their arguments

    → Requires children to summarise information from the text

    → Answers to the questions are provided within the same document

    → Beautifully hand-drawn watercolour images to bring the text to life

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    We have worked hard to analyse the content domains and the percentage coverage of these in end of year assessment papers from a range of assessment companies and has tailored the questions for this text to reflect those percentages children will face in assessment papers giving them the opportunity to practise answering questions of a similar nature.

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